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River Basin Management Plan (RBMP): characterization of a River Basin, estimation of pressures and their impacts on water resources with participation of expert from National Agency “Apele Romane”, branch from Prut River basin management unit from Iasi. Participants: Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Water Agency “Apele Moldovei”, enterprise involved in water management, NGO sector, contractor, Institute of Ecology and Geography, synergy project ADA/SDC experts.

The results were next:

  • understanding and mastering the first steps of River Basin Management Plan development
  • coordination the on-going contract on Danube Prut and Black Sea (delineation of main course of Prut river, characterization and RBMP)
  • starting preparation next steps, including basin stakeholder’s involvement
  • initiating to closer cooperation with Romanian planners working on the right bank of the Prut basin
  • defining protected areas according new methodology in communication with ADA/SDC project experts
  • preparing next cross road workshop at beginning of the February 2019.