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The EUWI+ website was created and maintained with the financial support of the European Union during its implementation phase  (2016-2021). Its contents are the sole responsibility of the implementing partners and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. Since 21 July 2021, this website is not receving funds from the European Union and is being maintained for archiving purposes.
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In July-August, more than 170 people expressed their opinion on the main challenges facing their river basin to develop the second RBMP planning cycle (2021-2027). Consultations continue at different levels: after the Danube-Prut and Black Sea river basin district committee’s meeting in September, a new round of consultations took place in Cahul in November. Civil society representatives were also invited to give their opinion through online surveys.


MD BC0919

Meeting of Danube-Prut and Black Sea river basin district committee, 20 September 2019


Organised in the framework of EUWI+, these local public dialogues were coordinated by the “Apele Moldovei” Agency and NGO National Environmental Center.

Participants expressed their views on the main challenges facing their river basin for 2021-2027

The meeting featured feedback on EUWI+ progress and results on RBMP development (characterisation and main issues of the Danube-Prut and Black Sea river district). Discussions with local authorities, water operators and NGOs followed. They expressed their views on the main water issues identified.


MD Cahul0719

Consultations in Cahul, 30 July 2019


Key concerns: water quality and the need for human and financial resources

Water quality emerged as the main concern from this second round of consultation.  Therefore, participants agreed to develop drinking and wastewater treatment, and regulation for unauthorised waste dumps. Ecosystem protection was also one of participants’ major preoccupations.

Stakeholders more directly involved in the field of water management highlighted the need for more human resources specialised in the environment and water management in municipalities, and the need for sufficient financial resources/ investments in the field.

All reactions were conveyed to the DPBSR Basin District Committee and the EUWI+ team for further analysis. They will be included in the second cycle of the RBMP.


Status of River Basin Management Planning for the Danube Prut and Black Sea River Basin

The very first River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) for the Danube-Prut and Black Sea River basin district to be implemented in the current period (cycle I) in Republic of Moldova was approved on 3 October 2018.

The Danube-Prut and Black Sea RBMP for 2021-2027 is currently under development and is the subject of public consultations.

EUWI+ is currently working with Moldova’s Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment on the elaboration and implementation of the RBMP.  


Consultation and planning cycle in RBMP development

A River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) is a guiding and planning document that considers various economic, social and ecological aspects on a specific river basin to guide the development of appropriate sustainable water management measures. Following its initial development, it needs to be updated every 6 years (planning cycle).

Developing this guiding and planning document involves two general steps: a diagnosis (how does the river basin work and what is causing problems or risks?) and a programme of measures (how can we improve it?).   

Public and stakeholder consultations are organised throughout the RBMP development process: they ensure public awareness of working plan outcomes and the joint development of solutions to problems.