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The Moldovan Presidency wants to begin the new decade focusing on crossing borders in sectorial as well as geographical terms.


icpdr moldova handover

Moldova takes over ICPDR Presidency for 2020 from Hungary ©ICPDR


The Republic of Moldova took over the annual Presidency of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) from Hungary during the official ceremony in Vienna on 30 January. The incoming President Mr. Dorin Andros, state secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment (MoARDE), set his highest priorities for the coming year.

Improving transboundary cooperation

At the top of the presidential to-do list for 2020 sit the cooperation between ICPDR members, putting particular focus on non-EU members.

Harmonising the different countries’ planning efforts, in particular with Romania and Ukraine on the Prut river basin, is crucial to improving water protection in line with the EU Water Framework Directive.

Creating opportunities for more investments in River Basin Management Planning

Securing investments implies to strengthen the cooperation between the ICPDR and financial institutions. It is vital to ensure a smooth implementation of the current Programme of Measures for the Danube river basin management plan and to develop the 3rd Danube River Basin Management Plan.

In order to deliver basin-wide improvements in water management, it is also necessary to cross sectoral divides and strengthen the data and information collection in every countries.

“2020 will be an important year in terms of the data and information collection by countries and their further analysis for the development of the next cycles of the Danube River Basin Management Plan and Flood Risk Management Plan,” said President Andros at his inaugural speech.

Strengthening resilience to the effects of climate change

All Danube countries nowadays experienced more frequent droughts, generating water scarcity. The ICPDR will continue the development of the scientifically based concept for the water balance calculation in the Danube catchment area.

As climate change also has effect on water quality, the ICPDR will enhance its cooperation with the EU Strategy for the Danube region, which set priorities related to water quality and environmental risks. To this end, the ICPDR will continue its recent efforts with the agricultural sector to promote a sustainable agriculture that will result in cleaner water and in a better Danube environment.

““We do hope that our common initiatives and efforts will definitely result in cleaner water and as whole, in a better Danube environment, and let me assure you that Moldova will do all its best to contribute to achieving these results.” said Mr. Andros at his inaugural speech.



Moldovan landscape. ©OIEau


More about the ICPDR

The ICPDR is one of the largest international river basin management bodies in the world.  It is a successful example of river basin management transboundary cooperation.

The EUWI+ project is collaborating with ICPDR in many projects in the Danube region, including the Joint Danube Survey taking place every 4 years.