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The EUWI+ website was created and maintained with the financial support of the European Union during its implementation phase  (2016-2021). Its contents are the sole responsibility of the implementing partners and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. Since 21 July 2021, this website is not receving funds from the European Union and is being maintained for archiving purposes.
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In Belarus, all main river basins are transboundary. The Republic of Belarus is a Party to the UNECE Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes and to the Protocol on Water and Health to the Convention. The Convention serves as a model for agreements and arrangements in the field of transboundary river basin management.  All the countries neighboring Belarus are also Parties to this Convention. This provides a good basis for the development of cross-border cooperation. The Republic of Belarus has intergovernmental agreements on the protection and use of transboundary waters with the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Within the framework of these agreements, there are working groups to address various cross-border issues between countries.

Promising areas of international cooperation are:

 - preparation and signing of agreements with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland on the protection and use of transboundary waters.

In 2017 and 2018, several meetings of the delegations of Belarus and Poland were held to agree on the text of the agreement on the protection and use of transboundary waters, following which the agreed text of the agreement was prepared. This is followed by the internal negotiation of the agreement.

In January 2018, with the support of the EUWI+ project, a meeting of delegations of Belarus and Latvia on the preparation of an agreement on the protection and use of transboundary waters in the Western Dvina/Daugava basin was held. Further options for the preparation of the agreement are being considered.

EUWI+ also supported the organization of the 3rd meeting of the Belarus-Lithuania expert group on enhancing bilateral cooperation in the Neman river basin (Minsk, 15 May 2018) with participation of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus, Ministry of Environment of Lithuania and other concerned stakeholders. The final report of the second phase of the work on the elaboration of the priority components of the joint River Basin Management Plan for the Neman basin to enhance transboundary cooperation was discussed and finalized at the meeting.

The full version of the technical report (in Russian) and the summary reports (in English and Russian) are available at the links below:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BJYqnWqIuL2jBS1JUsemb6ckazI_BNDp/view?usp=sharing  Main report Russian

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xaxxBWSOGHSGsQUwehxoJ8rUDuhB3fBR/view?usp=sharing Key findings English

https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Gs0ykN2Q3X1IOx-vCIFgOijl1_3JAia/view?usp=sharing            Key findings Russian