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Tuesday, 23 February 2021 09:51

Ukraine: Dnipro, Investigative monitoring of the Dnipro river basin, pollutant screening - Report, 2021 (Eng)

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A first investigative screening of a wide-range chemical pollutants in surface water and biota samples has been conducted within the EUWI+ project in October 2020 at 27 sites in the Dnieper River Basin. Novel methodologies of wide-scope target screening of >2,200 and suspect screening of >65,000 or-ganic pollutants were used for analysis of each sample. The results were complemented with target analyses of metals. Legacy pollutants brominated diphenylethers (BDEs) and dioxins and dioxin-like compounds were analysed in biota samples. The results provided a first overview on the pattern and extent of chemical pollution in the Dnieper River Basin, where several pollution ‘hot-spots’ were identi-fied. Consequently, a follow-up investigation aiming at pollution cessation was recommended.



  • Country or Region: 6- Ukraine
  • Theme: 3- Water Monitoring
  • Type of document: 2- Technical Reports