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Thursday, 29 April 2021 09:27

Armenia: Hrazdan, River Basin Management Plan, 2020 (ARM)

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Over the past few years, Armenia and the five other Eastern Partnershipcountries have demonstrated their willingness to align their water sector policies and practices with the European Union (EU) and other international Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs).Moreover, as part of its Cooperative and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) signed with the European Union, Armenia is committed to bring its national water legislation closer to the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). This document, the “draft Hrazdan River Basin Management Plan 2020” has been developed in the framework of the European Union-funded programme “European Union Water Initiative Plus” (2016-2021). This is the first draft River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) for this river basin district. Armenian experts,with the support of experts from the Environment Agency Austria and French International Office for Water, worked together with stakeholders of the water sector at national and basin levels to draft this RBMP. This draft RBMP contributes to the implementation of basin principles and integrated water resources management approaches in the country. However, it does not claim to meet all requirements of the EU WFD.


Atlas to the draft Hrazdan River Basin Management Plan (ARM)


  • Country or Region: 1- Armenia
  • Theme: 4- River Basin Management Plans
  • Type of document: 2- Technical Reports