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Lake Sevan Protection Day in Armenia

2019-08-24 00:00


Sevan basin (beach area and Bashinjaghyan hotel)


Lake Sevan protection day was initiated by the Armenian Ministry of Ecology and is celebrated each year on the last Saturday of August.

This event provides an opportunity to raise people’s awareness on Lake Sevan’s key environmental problems and on the process of River Basin Management Plan development supported by EUWI+.

EUWI+ will participate in the two main actions planned during the celebrations:

  • A beach clean-up event will be held close to Gavar community about 500 meters of the beach will be cleaned-up.
  • A public meeting on Sevan basin main issues and a press-conference will be organised to present and discuss EUWI+ results regarding:

                               -water dialogues and RBMP development

                               -main issues of Sevan basin

- local stakeholders and young people’s involvement in water issues


- Ministry of Ecology,

- Water Committee under the Ministry of Territorial Administrations and Infrastructure,

-Gegharkunik Province secondary school teachers and pupils,

- Regional Authorities representatives

- Sevan National Park representatives

- Country Water Partnership team in Armenia.


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  • 2019-08-24 00:00